Monday, 17 June 2013

เฉลยแบฝึกหัดเรื่อง Nouns (Singular or Plural n.)

Complete these sentences by using the plural form of the word given in the brackets.
1.      The dogs (dog) fought over a bone.
2.      This book is full of amazing stories  (story).
3.      Get me a couple of books from those shelves  (shelf).
4.      The farmer bought a pair of oxen  (ox) from the neighbouring town.
5.      None of the switches  (switch) in this room is working.
6.      How many countries   (country) participated in the World Cup Tournament?
7.      Please clear the dishes (dish) from the table.
8.      What are your hobbies  (hobby)?
9.      The ground is covered with dry leaves (leaf).
10.   The shepherd was worried that he had lost ten sheep  (sheep).

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